Call Tracker

Version 1.0
Record Your Calls, Keep Them Alive.
Call Tracker is a android mobile application to keep track your all calls. A Revolutionary App for Android Phones. When you are keeping track of all your technical activities, why not calls ???
  • Call Recording in background
  • Lighweighted Application which perform all it's task in background
  • Assurance of security over your data
  • Monitor your call like real time
Requires Android 2.3.3 and higher. WiFi / Edge / 3G network connection sometimes required.


    To Register, Download :



Using Call tracker you are able to record your incoming/outgoing call conversation in background and this application will send all recordings to server for future reference. That is you can easily monitor your calls.


Keep Notification On/Off: You can either keep notification on or off.

If notification is off you/caller will not see any notification/beep before/during/after recording.

Automatic Update in Server:

Calls will be updated automatically in server and you won't need to do it manually.if automatic update is turned off you need to click "synchronize" in application homepage.

Keep Recording in Device:

You can use it as offline Call Recorder too and can save your recordings in server and device both.

Small Size, Less Battery Consumption:

This application is of too small size, it consumes less battery as we know you need this application to run all them time.It does not take much space in phone or you data connection, we provice option to "Update in Wi-fi only" so you even do not need to worry about you network data usage.

Safe and Secure Call Data Storage:

As the privacy and security is the main priority of this App, your all recorded data will be safe and can only be accessed through your Account.



Free Customer Help and Support:

We provide free customer support through via live chat ( if required ) to our buyer's of this application ,. Your all queries will be resolved for sure.

However, you can contact us about general business inquiries or to report bugs in the application